Dream of Eggs

MEANING: Dream of eggs indicates that today you wake up with the emotions on the surface. Allow yourself to be yourself even in those complicated and difficult to manage situations. You will have to do, for a while, a non-profit job. You miss a person who was once part of your landscape and is no longer. Shows much caution and little enthusiasm and tries to find out the truth of the matter.

SOON: Dream of eggs suggests that you have the right to decide what you want to do with your life and to recognize yourself. To give the importance implies to make certain resignations. That which everyone repeats to you has its reason for being. It’s better to take a well-deserved break than to force the machine too much. You have been proposed a plan with friends to spend the weekend.

FUTURE: Dream of eggs indicates that you may know someone through a mutual friend or at a place you frequent regularly. After work you will stay with your friends and you will enjoy a lot with them. In this sense a good friend will give you a valuable key. You will reach a very important goal for you before the end of the month. The key will be in the action and the speed of your response.

ADVICE: Try to talk about everything clearly and, above all, with a generous spirit. If at this time you are not attracted to any sport, walk as much as you can daily.

WARNING: Don’t put off your long overdue medical checkup. Don’t listen to those people who intoxicate all the time.

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