Dream of Eating With The Dead

MEANING: Dream of eating with the dead shows that stop a little, even if it’s a holiday. You will have problems and issues from those beneath you or dependent upon you. A distant dream will begin to come true today. Your health will improve as long as you take things more slowly. Love and friendship will be two concepts that will begin or be renewed.

SOON: Dream of eating with the dead signifies that you will now give more importance to the spiritual than to the material. You are favored by intellectual activities. A rather busy stage begins in terms of social relations. You have started the year willing to change what you don’t like. You’ve hardened and strengthened by blows and pain but you’ve come through.

FUTURE: Dream of eating with the dead suggests that you may decide to change something in your life in a radical way. You will have a very productive day, in which your efforts will be rewarded. At home you will have to comfort someone who has not had a good day. Love and success are not too far away and come from social contacts and friendships. If it’s work or study, the results can be brilliant.

ADVICE: Do it, yes, but with measure and well thought out everything. Just keep inspiring those around you with your day-to-day choices.

WARNING: Dare to say no to proposals that don’t make any sense to you. Don’t bring out your pride and open your mind to those who provide you with practical solutions.

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