Dream of Eating Groundnut

MEANING: Dream of eating groundnut means that your bosses will be receptive to any new idea you propose. Ask for advice if you think it is necessary. Your routine will be altered by certain changes that will not be sought by you. At the last moment a plan that you wanted so badly to carry out will be thwarted. A decision you have pending can still wait a few more days.

SOON: Eating groundnut in dream signifies that you can now express your concerns and thoughts without fear of rejection. You and your partner love each other very much, but lately you are going through a complicated stage. Of course it is worthwhile to clear up a still somewhat murky situation with a colleague. You can’t help but feel like a protagonist and be the center of attention. You are more valuable than you think you are.

FUTURE: Dream of eating groundnut symbolises that you will eat the world and live a day full of the most exciting experiences. You will try to create a good atmosphere among your co-workers. You will hear the answer you long for and happiness will return to your heart. You are planning a trip whose destination, however, will change at the last moment. You will test yourself with new disciplines that will be mentally very positive.

More about Eating Groundnut

Dream of nuts expresses that if you play a game of chance, there is a good chance you will be a winner. You will receive an unexpected gift, which does not have to be a physical object. New studies, a new career or a new hobby will now attract your attention. The next vacation will change your life in an almost magical way. An opportunity will arise that will be like a gift fallen from heaven for you.

Dream of groundnut means that on the job, you’ll get rid of responsibilities. You will be invited to a party or social event that will get you out of the monotony. You will recapitulate your life and apply those experiences to your daily life. There will be old loves that come and go. A good book will help you disconnect for a while from worries.

Dream of ground indicates that if you accept it, you will be happy much later because it will help you feel much more joyful. You will be introduced to someone you will connect with immediately. Romanticism will be vital to enjoy love in all its dimension. In any case, you strengthen your ties with him. One touch will make you change your plans.

Dream of eating groundnut contains special messages

ADVICE: Now that the year begins, review your concepts and if necessary, renew your social contacts. Try to be affective and to dedicate time to them, since you are not going to regret doing it.

WARNING: You must be prudent and not take any more steps in the wrong direction. Analyze what you really feel and take steps forward, immobility does not suit you.

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