Dream of Earwigs

MEANING: Dream of earwigs signifies that new information is slowly revealing itself to you. Disorder in the home can get out of hand. You will be invited to an event in an unexpected way and you will not know what to answer. To give you must receive and to receive you must be willing to give. You are feeling overpowered and insignificant.

SOON: Dream of earwigs symbolises that it’s time to think about what you can do for yourself, for your health. You have more resources at your disposal than you think to keep fighting in that delicate situation. You mentally work out how to approach the issue from another, much more effective, perspective. You can add some glamour to your life without fearing that frivolity takes up too much space. You have the opportunity to contact someone who can give you a boost.

FUTURE: Dream of earwigs expresses that that conversation will be fruitful if you don’t beat around the bush and give concise information. Prosperity is with you, prepare for the new, for the surprise. This gesture will not make you look weaker, but quite the opposite. Your environment will thank you for clarifying your life and returning to the way you were before. You will prove now that you are worth and deserve the best.

ADVICE: Use what you have discovered well, and make all your movements with subtlety. Value what you put at stake, it’s important.

WARNING: Do not value a person who does not share the same vision of life as you. You don’t have to have everyone on your side.

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