Dream of Driver

MEANING: Dream of driver shows that don’t make work excuses for yourself, as that would only be a self-deception, a falsehood. You have a tendency to fall into excesses that will force your body. You are avoiding some responsibility or refusing to acknowledge your role in it. You will be invited to a party that, although it will seem like a lot of fun, you will be about to refuse. It is not a day to be absent-minded, but to be vigilant with everything.

SOON: Driver in dream symbolises that you are in this world to love and be loved so you must have faith in yourself. You are considering making a sharp turn in certain aspects of your life, especially at work. For you that is now an essential part of your life. In the summer months you prefer to enjoy trips and escapes with friends. The best time to put this maxim into practice is now.

FUTURE: Dream of driver symbolises that the work will fill you with satisfaction, even if you don’t see it at the moment. You’ll have a great time and your ego will come out very strong. The madness of love is over for you, no more tears, no more suffering. They will believe in your words, but you must be as clear as possible. They may help you solve another issue where you need to have liquidity.

Dream of driver contains special messages

ADVICE: In the physical aspect you should pay attention to your stomach. You must put your feet on the ground and work for them, even if it is on the emotional side.

WARNING: Let the day go by without showing your full opposition or refuting their arguments. Beware of the economy, a subject you should control better rather than paying little attention to.

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