Dream of Council Meeting

MEANING: Dream of council meeting symbolises that a new road opens up, no matter how unexpectedly exciting. Those who work with you know you well, you don’t want to appear to be what you are not. Stay calm, composed of any conflict or problem that may arise today. You will do more, you will rise and achieve apparent impossibilities. You need to show more restraint with regards to your urges and desires.

SOON: Council meeting in dream signifies that the important thing is that you look at the path that you give your dreams. The time has come to go a step further and take some risks in the workplace. There is nothing impossible when you want something real. If you are self-employed, it is time to start something new. The only aspect you have to work on is your economy, think about how you can increase it.

FUTURE: Dream of council meeting suggests that you will finalize a leisure plan or a trip and that will keep you very active and busy. You will now look for exciting adventures in love. A relaxed conversation can set in motion an idea that will professionally suit you. Ideas and more ideas regarding work will flow without rest. People involved in the artistic, spiritual and mystical world will call your attention.

More about Council Meeting

Dream of meeting signifies that you keep making new friends with whom you share unforgettable moments. Your skills are on the rise, so show them off and sell them in front of everyone. You will spend a large part of the day resting after a too long night. You will fight for the family union that at this time you are very concerned about. They may give you more responsibility or put you in charge of a new project.

Dream of council meeting contains special messages

ADVICE: Try to handle the situation with the left hand, but firmly. You must give your own opinion to contribute your grain of sand so that everything can go better.

WARNING: You must moderate your outbursts of anger. Don’t think it was a matter of luck, but thanks to your effort.

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