Dream of Carrying Folders

MEANING: Dream of carrying folders expresses that there is confusion around you and it is going to influence you quite. Your greatest ally is you, but as long as you keep looking outside you won’t realize it. You feel better because you gain ground on those issues that are so personal. Relax and take it all in infinite calm or patience. If you have a test or a job interview, you should not be arrogant, but you should be forceful.

SOON: Dream of carrying folders suggests that there are positive aspects in health and in the body in general. You do not want to force an emotional situation that you have been thinking about for a long time. Dreams now reveal the solution to a personal problem. It’s time to make sure the information you are given is true, don’t stop until you find out. You need to find someone with whom you can share these moments when you see everything black.

FUTURE: Dream of carrying folders means that there are results you are looking for that will take some time to arrive. You could close a deal with a sale or business you have been involved in for quite some time. Someone may break the deck, eye, and catch you by surprise. It’s time to get rid of objects or clothes that you no longer need and that will come in handy. Sentimental and professional relationships are intensified.

ADVICE: This must change at least to some extent. Do it, yes, but with measure and well thought out everything.

WARNING: Ignore anyone who tries to convince you otherwise. Don’t refuse anything without first calmly evaluating each proposal you receive.

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