Dream of Caricature

MEANING: Dream of caricature indicates that only tension will be generated and there will be no possible understanding between you. You may be experiencing feelings of guilt. You can achieve everything you set out to do without conflict. If you are planning a job interview, prepare it thoroughly. In prudence you will find the greatest ally to fulfill your dreams.

SOON: Dream of caricature shows that at last justice is done after much sacrifice. Perhaps the time has come to test your friendship. In any case, the best thing you can do is to give him hope. Maybe things don’t turn out as you expected and yet it’s much better. Now you can breathe and enjoy much more of those little everyday things.

FUTURE: Dream of caricature indicates that you will not lack money, but it would be good to change your attitude towards the economy. Everything you earn is for them and you feel good. You change certain behaviors, leave out the accessories. You will experience a positive transformation in your person. They will be very important for the future and will help you feel better.

ADVICE: Be sure to take massive doses of optimism as this is the best medicine to preserve your health. They should make an effort to put their feet on the ground.

WARNING: Don’t want to do it all yourself and delegate responsibility to others. Don’t be dazzled by someone who is too kind to you without hardly knowing you.

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