Dream of Cap

MEANING: Dream of cap expresses that something in your life is bothering you more than you want to admit. Let time go by and don’t give it too much thought. You will dedicate the day to relax and give yourself some treats that will improve your mood and your image. Someone tells you a detail that gives you many clues and allows you to take a step safely. Listen, pay attention to those who share your daily life with you and who know you well.

SOON: Dream of cap shows that everything that means union, society, is stabilized both at work and in personal life. Now it is time to visit those relatives who live abroad or far away from you. You are living a moment of important personal change and you don’t know what will happen next. The hidden in your life comes to the surface. The way forward is to follow the right path, not the easy one or the one others want you to follow.

FUTURE: Dream of cap suggests that you will understand the meaning of the signs that life is sending you. You may need to think about certain changes that will affect you in the medium term. In the professional field, luck pushes you to win recognition. When you want, you know how to be generous and now is the opportunity to lend a hand. There is a test that is waiting for you and you will have to draw lots or win soon.

ADVICE: Strive to get your work out and do your thing. Consider working in a different area than the one you were trained for.

WARNING: Try to resolve that misunderstanding with your partner before it goes any further. Consider that you may have to get away from that person or that group of friends.

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