Dream of Brother

MEANING: Dream of brother signifies that you will feel strange, not knowing well what is wrong with you but at the same time not feeling well at all. The weekend is approaching and you’re having doubts. A situation or person in your life is having a negative impact on you. Perhaps a superior will deposit valuable information in you today and make you feel valued. Something you have wanted to hide for a long time might come to light.

SOON: Dream of brother symbolises that it’s a matter of better organizing your agenda. Your emotional energy is in harmony with your will. You are in a good economic situation, but you have almost no free time left. It’s a good time to try your luck and dare to do everything that was paralyzing you. You think i could have waited until tomorrow to tell you.

FUTURE: Dream of brother indicates that you will not trip over the same stone again. You will enjoy excellent company and take time to enjoy solitude. Only this way you can improve your career and improve your economic situation. If you have a family feud from the past, now is the time to settle it. Mental relaxation will do you good for impulse control.

ADVICE: Repair your spirit with a look free of prejudice. Let yourself be carried away by that joy and celebrate it.

WARNING: Avoid criticizing and judging cheerfully and at first sight. Don’t look for three feet on the cat because you won’t find them.

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