Dream of Brain

MEANING: Dream of brain means that you may be too tired today to say yes to a proposal that will be made. Today you wake up with a changed foot on the emotional plane. Today you could pay for the excesses committed the day before. You will continue to live a very favorable time in the physical. There is a certain tone of melancholy today that you should avoid.

SOON: Dream of brain expresses that the solution lies in trusting the instinctive wisdom of your body. Union, fellowship and friendship are favorably emphasized. You may feel excited, but you don’t want to go too fast. You can win a lot if you step forward and defend a person who deserves it. It’s up to you to start the path to a happier life.

FUTURE: Dream of brain signifies that a good friend will give you details so you can make a conscious decision. You’ll feel in the center of all eyes and your ego will expand. Your intuition will not fail you, neither for good nor for evil. You will seduce whoever you propose, above all, with your gift of word. Foreign trips or possibility of marriage with foreigners are in the future.

ADVICE: Dance if you can, drink and eat what you want, have fun without fear or remorse. You will have to insist to get something you want to do.

WARNING: Don’t let someone unfriendly and negative make your day or an activity you are practicing bitter. The other person does not have to meet all your expectations.

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