Dream of Blue Jays

MEANING: Dream of blue jays symbolises that your work stress has affected your personal life. Aspects of your subconscious are being slowly revealed to you. Everything is good if it does not serve to get you back into a story you do not want. As you are foresighted, you will invest time in booking tickets or accommodation and it will work out. Perhaps it is your feelings that you are trying to understand.

SOON: Dream of blue jays signifies that it’s all about pausing and taking a deep breath. The stability of your emotional relationship makes you think of a formal commitment. In love, if you are single, there are opportunities for new adventures and romance. You receive news, even if you are resting, that opens your professional horizon. Since you took a step forward, there is no stopping you.

FUTURE: Dream of blue jays expresses that you will surprise some people with your change of look, but they will finally like it. Interesting opportunities open new horizons in the professional field. The new friendships you will meet will soon become unconditional. Changes in your relationship situation are coming. If you are generous you will receive much more than you are forced to give.

ADVICE: The best time is the present moment, take advantage of it. In affective matters you have to analyze your strategy to conquer or get what you want.

WARNING: Don’t overdo it with a person who is helping you a lot and who appreciates you. You should not jump to conclusions until you know how true they are.

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