Dream of Big Papaya

MEANING: Dream of big papaya suggests that you are expressing an emotional high point. Tell them without any kind of precaution because your sincerity will greatly improve your self-esteem. Do it firmly, but also with a point of empathy. Deep down, you know you’ve done it your way and you should be glad about it. Everything you do today will go according to what you expected.

SOON: Dream of big papaya signifies that i’m sure you have a special connection with someone. It’s time to take care of your personal appearance. Maybe it’s time to start saving to meet that goal in a few months. The important thing is that you spend time alone with yourself. Those people are the ones who love you and deserve you.

FUTURE: Dream of big papaya expresses that your bosses value your efforts and know they can count on you. You will know clearly what interests you and how to act. You will focus on your work with renewed energy. You will enjoy a lot and live very full and pleasant moments. Now you need it and it can be a springboard for the future.

ADVICE: Recovers spaces of independence and carries out activities in solitude. Commit yourself to take care of what you love and you will avoid some troubles.

WARNING: Sometimes you are too impatient, keep that in mind. At work, avoid arguing with your superiors as you will be the one who is most affected.

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