Dream of Being Overweight

MEANING: Dream of being overweight means that you should take things more slowly and delegate responsibility to others. If someone insists on leaving you early, don’t give in, because it’s better to finish as soon as possible. This will cut down your time quite a bit, but you will have to do it because you have committed yourself to it. You have processed some ideas and gained knowledge from it. This year you have decided to dedicate christmas to your loved ones and you are doing it.

SOON: Dream of being overweight means that every person in the family is doing what they think is best. Everything has its moment and every person has his way of being. Your skills are many and now is the time to value yourself more. To be as dreamy as you are is fine, as long as you know the limits. You have worked hard on a new idea and you should raise it with your superiors.

FUTURE: Dream of being overweight suggests that you will know how to live up to it, even though you will experience some tense situations. You may want to move some furniture around or redecorate a room. You will consider a great trip or undertake new studies. By night, you will have reached a much more peaceful state of mind. Your life is subject to many comings and goings and hurried activity.

ADVICE: Pay attention to certain signs that, without saying a word, are being given to you by some friends. Show the best of your smiles and it wouldn’t hurt to take care of your image.

WARNING: Demand the place you deserve, don’t let them ignore you. Don’t let anyone blame you for what goes wrong.

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