Dream of Being Old And Pregnant

MEANING: Dream of being old and pregnant signifies that perhaps you need to learn to laugh at yourself. This weekend you will be in splendid health and will be able to enjoy the vitality. Simply, don’t let it affect you, take it out of your mind and go your way. You need to look pass the surface and focus on what is inside. Sometimes you need to go off track and explore other possibilities.

SOON: Dream of being old and pregnant symbolises that retreating can sometimes be a good tactic. Now you see clearly how you must act and that gives you fresh air. Your path is cleared and a smile appears on your face. Maybe things don’t turn out as you expected and yet it’s much better. At work, it’s best to follow the routine and not tackle a thorny issue.

FUTURE: Dream of being old and pregnant signifies that what you now have in your heart will make you very passionate. You can do it without feeling embarrassed. Maybe that project that is going around in your head will see the light if you expose it publicly. You may be able to get that person to get some benefit or money through you. The future lies in what you like to do best and will not always be to everyone’s liking.

ADVICE: Take advantage of everything that happens to you for your own benefit. You must quarantine information you receive through an acquaintance.

WARNING: Don’t use intellectual weapons on people who are on a different wavelength. Try not to overdo it with food or alcohol.

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