Dream of Being Intimate

MEANING: Dream of being intimate expresses that you need to stop dwelling on the past and look toward the future. You will seek what is needed and may even give up a whim or some personal object. Concentrate on the essential, on what you want to achieve, so you can manifest it without any doubt. Your mood is optimal to start exercising. You will be inspired because you will see the matter very clearly.

SOON: Dream of being intimate signifies that your coffers are filled even when the economy is shaky. You find the support you need in your partner(s). The best time to put this maxim into practice is now. What happens between you and the person you love and the covenants you make are your own business. You have a very interesting door open, although that means an added effort.

FUTURE: Dream of being intimate means that certain emotions, unknown to you, will seize you throughout the day. You are aware that there are influential people who want to test you. You will receive their thanks for your support and you will feel very happy. If you manage to do this, it will soon pass and you will feel as if you have won a battle. That will work well on this journey where you take interesting and tactful steps.

ADVICE: If you need to, tell your fears to the person you love so much. If you are in the middle of a medical process, be patient.

WARNING: You shouldn’t argue with your partner about money either, because you’ll end up in a bad mood. You have to realize that there are things that need your time.

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