Dream of Amputee

MEANING: Dream of amputee symbolises that looking back and reflecting is an exercise that would not hurt you at all today. The time has come to start them up again and that gives you energy because it makes you feel excited. Love is very close and there is a good chance now of a romantic encounter. Take care of your back and practice postural hygiene. You are getting rid of your old habits and former ways of thinking.

SOON: Dream of amputee symbolises that deep down you know it’s your responsibility. You have been looking forward to someone you met a few weeks ago and you are very happy. It’s a good decision because you’re going to win at what really matters. Your family and friends love you unconditionally, realize that. Your strength has nothing to do with the material and that is something you must work on mentally.

FUTURE: Dream of amputee signifies that you will be more familiar and willing to share your time with friends and neighbors. Even if you encounter some obstacles and delays, plans will go ahead and succeed. Someone is going to ask you for help in this matter and you will think about it a lot. In a short time, that action will be more than rewarded, it will give you a good service. Days of emotions and new projects are waiting for you.

ADVICE: Focus on your work and leave aside the temptation to criticize or judge the work of others. Make every day unique and special, you can make a difference and you know it.

WARNING: Start by not committing to people you don’t like. Don’t obsess about your health and trust your doctor’s advice or care.

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