Dream of Alimony

MEANING: Dream of alimony expresses that at this point you should not be jealous of your partner. A very promising meeting will arise with an acquaintance who will make you a very attractive proposal. Good communication between all is very important. In the field of work, you should be cautious and not trust anyone. If you need it, you must claim space from your partner.

SOON: Dream of alimony shows that it’s okay to express your thoughts openly, but try not to hurt others. It’s time to take care of your personal appearance. Your way of being is very pleasant for others, as if you had a familiar air. You are used to being indispensable at work. The best thing is that you enjoy together again.

FUTURE: Dream of alimony indicates that spending what is necessary will be good for you and will help you get to the place you want. In your home you will find all the care you need. You might want to buckle up a little so your savings don’t disappear. Whatever the case, your life will be very passionate and intense. On the contrary, if you suffer from any problem or ailment, the recovery will be quick and total.

ADVICE: Keep everything you have learned in the process. If you have to buckle up in any way, do so.

WARNING: Avoid malicious comments and raising controversial issues. Do not question, do not judge, do not reproach.

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