Dream of A Vegetarian

MEANING: Dream of a vegetarian indicates that you should analyze if you are not overdoing it with your mobile and you are wasting too much time with it. Think not of the past, but of the future. You will enjoy those moments when you will only be aware of yourself. You may have an interesting purchase opportunity today. You need to rearrange some of your ideals in order to find a solution to a problem.

SOON: Dream of a vegetarian means that it’s okay to express your thoughts openly, but try not to hurt others. That’s why you must put into practice your charms and your sociability. Sometimes you feel very happy, but many other times you fall to the bottom of the well. You are right to recover the illusion, but you must go step by step. Self-knowledge involves spending time in solitude asking uncomfortable questions.

FUTURE: Dream of a vegetarian means that everything will work out, but you will need to process your feelings and accept reality. A business trip will allow you to get out of the work routine. You will receive an offer for a weekend getaway. If you are single, the opportunities for bonding increase. Problems will be present but you will have the strength and power to solve them.

ADVICE: Seeks alternative solutions and more profitable ways to use time. Perhaps you should take the first step, especially if it is a person you have recently met.

WARNING: If there is something that has led you to anger or tension, do not argue. Watch your health because it could suffer a small setback due to a virus.

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