Dream of A Live

MEANING: Dream of a live shows that don’t keep insisting to that person who doesn’t want to follow advice. That can give you emotional ups and downs and is something that really doesn’t suit you. Comply with the resolutions, reaffirm your promises to make them a reality very soon. Many things are happening around you and you are a spectator of all these changes. Don’t let yourself be carried away by a moment of weakness and follow rigorously what you have been recommended.

SOON: A live in dream indicates that the strange, the unknown, the unpredictable is powerfully calling your attention. In your family environment you have a model to imitate. Books, studies, education, everything intellectual is now emphasized for you. Sunday for you is synonymous with activity and social commitment. The key is to channel your emotions well.

FUTURE: Dream of a live indicates that this weekend will be especially suitable for resting, regaining strength and regaining health. You will do it and be looking forward to the day you will enjoy it. There are reunions in sight that will excite you. You’re looking forward to it, but you don’t want to burden it and you’re afraid it will reject you. You may have met someone special in the last few days or weeks.

Dream of a live contains special messages

ADVICE: Trust your inner self and realize that you are your true compass. Commit to yourself and you can live the joyful and happy life you came here to live.

WARNING: Be patient and don’t get into a bad mood. You must be aware of certain stones that may appear on the road in the next few days.

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