Dream of Serpent

MEANING: Dream of serpent suggests that you are involved in some prickly situation. Today you will have the opportunity to test a person close to you. It’s time for you to be a little more daring in your social relations. You are unyielding in your beliefs or decisions. That will open your heart to hope and reconcile you with many things.

SOON: Dream of serpent indicates that your ideals and mind are transformed to make you more practical and wiser. Your personal transformation is very important during this period. The atmosphere is filled with romance and a feeling of starting over with a new attitude. You know that well and that’s why you don’t mind to make some expenses and be generous. If you opened your heart more, you would see in that person someone to share your life with.

FUTURE: Dream of serpent suggests that you will break the routine even if some comment that you have lost your mind. At night you will get it all without worrying about what others think. At the moment you can only work hard to do your best. Those who are looking for a partner will soon find their better half. You will have great details that will fulfill your partner’s wishes.

ADVICE: Certain treacherous doubts will try to trap you, but you must be strong and persist in your desires. You need to empower the joyful side of life.

WARNING: Don’t stay home and enjoy the last days of summer. Try to have your own judgment on any issue and not be guided by what others say.

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