Dream of Rebuilding

MEANING: Dream of rebuilding symbolises that you will feel much better, and you should not care what others think. You are making a situation more difficult than it need by. Everything you do today, do it from your heart and without thinking that you will be paid in any way. Get ready for a swing of emotions, it’s special with your partner or friends. Later you will have time, but for the moment, it is better not to spend more on that.

SOON: Dream of rebuilding means that someone is following in your footsteps professionally and trying to make you the competition. Your happiness is a choice and a daily work. You can add more imagination to your intimate relationships to fan the flame of passion. You are now interested in finding an ally around you. There are small advances that satisfy you a lot in the personal field.

FUTURE: Dream of rebuilding symbolises that the family is going to be very cooperative in this whole matter. Your capacity as an administrator now leads you to many new achievements. Your effort will be personally rewarded, because someone will open his heart to you. You will realize that fooling yourself will lead to nothing. A pet will cross your path and you will have to make decisions.

ADVICE: Run away from anxiety-provoking situations and you will feel much better. Better channel your energies by practicing some sport.

WARNING: That’s right, but don’t lose sight that someone’s help has come in handy. Don’t pay too much attention to some co-workers who try to influence you negatively.

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