Dream of Reading Ayatul Kursi

MEANING: Dream of reading ayatul kursi suggests that you must find a balance between mind and body. You feel victimized or taken advantage of. Your instinct will give you the keys you need to follow. Perhaps it will also transmit energy to you to start new projects of economic type. You know you have to give a solution to a personal, emotional problem.

SOON: Dream of reading ayatul kursi means that they are different times and different circumstances. The fear of suffering again in love can be your main obstacle to achieve happiness. You’d rather live your own experiences than have someone tell you about them. You are doing your best in certain respects. You have a lot of capacity to be victorious and your attitude is your best strategy.

FUTURE: Dream of reading ayatul kursi means that your most supportive side comes out strongly, the one that makes you shine humanly. You will see now that all the power of the universe is locked up in your heart. Even if you don’t see it now, new doors are opening for your growth and inner satisfaction. A negotiation related to money or housing will be very favorable. Your word will be respected, especially in family relationships and more so if you have children.

ADVICE: Let life surprise you this time and don’t deny yourself anything in advance. Care for, and reserve, your physical and emotional energies.

WARNING: Don’t be afraid to break up with a situation you don’t like. You don’t have to force yourself on her, you can explain what’s wrong and meet her another day.

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