Dream of Happiness

MEANING: Dream of happiness indicates that take advantage of any invitation to change scenery and go for a ride. Someone might give you some not-so-pleasant news today. This will help you enormously at the time of shopping. It wouldn’t be bad if you risked a little more in various aspects of your life. The presence of love will become latent as you will have someone very special by your side.

SOON: Dream of happiness expresses that you breathe peace and love around you and forget old quarrels and grudges. Your partner sends you signals to spend more time. The past is past, but the present and future are within your reach. It’s time to clarify some family economic issues. You are still pending some study topic even for the next course.

FUTURE: Dream of happiness indicates that the desire to excel will keep you very busy. You’ll make a mistake, but you can fix it if you get right down to it. The scarcity situation that has you trapped can change from one moment to the next. You will not mind exposing yourself to the comments that may arise from that defense. Everything else won’t matter to you at all because the relationship is on the right track.

ADVICE: Start by changing your life before driving everyone crazy with your advice. If you are long committed to someone, keep your appointment.

WARNING: Try not to take them to heart so they don’t affect you. You should not be so demanding on yourself, so as not to be so demanding on others.

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