Dream of Golfers

MEANING: Dream of golfers symbolises that although it may not seem like it, sometimes losing a day is gaining many more. Don’t waste one more second to find the job that makes you happy. Now you begin to see things much more calmly. Something wonderful will shake you and fill you with happiness. Take care of a cold that could be complicated by a sore throat.

SOON: Dream of golfers indicates that your vitality and energy level has increased and you are more positive. Perhaps it is as simple as being less demanding and agreeing with the other one from time to time. You manage to master that dark side your dual character sometimes pushes you to. Throughout your life you incorporate valid information and knowledge. For days you have been looking for an object that is of great sentimental value to you.

FUTURE: Dream of golfers suggests that in the topic of couple you will have to make a learning that will change your perspective on love. It’s time to renew and fulfill new dreams. They will give you the key to what that person is looking for in you. You prepare that day with illusion and surprises. Your imagination and intuition will guide you like never before.

ADVICE: Try to order your mind to go step by step solving them all. You just have to find out what is going on inside you to take control again.

WARNING: If you are looking for a job, don’t despair or lose confidence. At this point you should not be jealous of your partner.

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