Dream of Emptiness

MEANING: Dream of emptiness means that don’t keep spending money on things you don’t need. Don’t lose your temper if something doesn’t go your way. After a complicated stage in the professional, you could have several offers. Your mind must look in another direction and be open to other ways of seeing reality. You need to be more concise in how you express yourself.

SOON: Dream of emptiness shows that this includes very specially the subject of healthy eating and in the right measure. The important thing is that you are every day your best. There is mutual trust and perfect communication. Your role of always being the victim and the sacrificed one is over. Now is the time for you to step up to the plate and put your trust in it.

FUTURE: Dream of emptiness means that you will notice the generosity of a friend with whom you had some friction or a disagreement. Health will thank you for those moments of relaxation. It’s not as bad as it seems and can even give you very good results in the long run. In the end, you will be grateful for having chatted a little, even if it is about unimportant things. Social relations will bring new perspectives that you are not able to see now.

ADVICE: Take the opportunity to learn something or make some interesting contacts. Have as much fun as you can and that will make you start flying again.

WARNING: It’s okay to stand up for your views, but don’t waste your time with people who are gridded. If something is missing from it, ask yourself what you still need to change.

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