Dream of Chalice

MEANING: Dream of chalice means that your intuition about somebody may turn out to be true. Your love life is, lately, really exciting. A total change of philosophy and personal projection is manifested today. Perhaps the time has come for you to pass by the altar. You will invite those closest to you to celebrate and have fun.

SOON: Dream of chalice means that everything that has to do with religion and philosophy is now of great interest to you. The important thing is that you keep on doing things right, as you have done up to now. If you are planning to leave work, it is a good day to communicate it to your environment. You accept that everyone must follow his own path and that wise thought fills you with peace. In the bottom of your heart you have all the answers to keep going.

FUTURE: Dream of chalice means that someone is confident in your abilities, may even finance an idea or project. You can find very interesting people or issues you haven’t noticed before. These days you will stand out because of your great self-esteem and drive to succeed. You will have to ask for forgiveness and change your attitudes as soon as possible. In reality it will not be a matter of luck, but of the work you have been doing for so many years.

ADVICE: Invest in what you have been advised and consider fair. Make that call that you constantly think about.

WARNING: Do not give importance to these comments as they come from a person who is trying to shadow you. Don’t listen to someone who will want to bother you.

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