Dream of Ceiling

MEANING: Dream of ceiling symbolises that none of the plans you had scheduled will go as you expected. The personal becomes more important for you. Enjoy your home and make it more comfortable. You will be inspired when you express your opinions in all aspects. You should improve communication with your partner, before making an important joint decision.

SOON: Ceiling in dream signifies that everything is easier when you know where you stand and have a plan. If you’re meeting someone new, it’s best to do it alone. Having dreams is good, but sometimes you have to plant your feet on the ground. You are well developed in the face of adversity and face it as a challenge. You come across people almost daily that you don’t take into account.

FUTURE: Dream of ceiling symbolises that this is very good for reaching agreements and avoiding unpleasant discussions. You will have to solve it so that the thing does not go to more. You will meet someone on the street who will make you reflect on some aspect of your past. Whatever happens to them will be good for their evolution and for their continued growth. If there are tests involved, you will be filled with determination to successfully pass them.

Dream of ceiling contains special messages

ADVICE: Accept it as it is and your relationship will begin to improve. Take advantage of the professional contacts you make.

WARNING: Don’t let everything be work and responsibility in your life. Beware of certain negative thoughts that can lead to a boycott.

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