Dream of Ceiling

MEANING: Dream of ceiling symbolises that today don’t throw yourself into anything new until you study what they offer you in depth. Adversity will make you grow as a person and will test your endurance. It will be someone who is not spectacularly beautiful, but attractive. A person will come into your life who will change your outlook on life. You need to take advantage and draw insight from your consciousness.

SOON: Dream of ceiling shows that there are many good influences around you, very positive people that you must repair. It’s a question of organization and knowing what they really want to do. Your relationship is going well, but you may need some encouragement. Your well-being requires a commitment to your health and that you get tested. Something comes out of your life so that something new comes and a new rebirth arises.

FUTURE: Dream of ceiling means that you will understand better the actions of others, with more tolerance. You will take your first step by speaking clearly, but with diplomacy. On the internet you will find a great source of inspiration. A family member can give you good clues and even offer to help. Relativizing that unpleasant behavior will be the right thing for you.

ADVICE: Create your future by living in the here and now every minute of your life. Call a friend and meet him, even if only for a while.

WARNING: You must not fall into past mistakes or give way to jealousy that invades you without knowing why. Don’t leave anything out if a serious conversation on professional issues arises.

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