Dream of An Insomniac

MEANING: Dream of an insomniac signifies that staying away from toxic companies is sometimes recommended. You will be quite positive because you have reflected and you start to see what you have to change. That’s not going to happen, but, still, keep in mind. You are headstrong about proceeding forth on an issue. You’re neglecting someone close to you and it can take a toll on you.

SOON: Dream of an insomniac expresses that you have several plans for saturday and sunday that you would like very much. The financial storm that has passed leaves you strong and wise to play well with your money. You are at the right time to define exactly what you want to achieve in your job. This includes very specially the subject of healthy eating and in the right measure. Obviously, your attitude needs an adjustment, if you don’t want to have serious problems.

FUTURE: Dream of an insomniac symbolises that everything will be more fluid and simple than you imagine. You’ll let yourself be carried away by passion and you’ll have plenty of suitors. The cultural will be good for you, but try not to make it too deep. That will set you free and you will feel much better about yourself. You will give more importance to what you can feel but cannot see.

ADVICE: You have a very important task and you must give yourself almost completely to it. Never say you can’t, and fearlessly embark on new adventures.

WARNING: Think about it and try not to blame others for what is only your own. Watch out for someone who will try to get you to do it.

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