Dream of Keys

MEANING: Dream of keys expresses that you may be trying to fill an emotional void. Control your impulses and that desire to say everything you think that sometimes it is difficult to restrain. Certain unhelpful thoughts about your future are robbing you of your hope. You are setting a new precedence for something. Take the initiative and call a person who may not have contacted you for a long time.

SOON: Keys in dream means that your time has come to throw yourself into conquering what you thought impossible. Nothing seemingly negative can now obscure your picture. The important thing is that you give your best. The best thing is to cut for what is healthy, but for that you have to have courage. Perhaps the time has come to test your friendship.

FUTURE: Dream of keys expresses that a trip abroad and falling in love with someone from another country will be the order of the day. You’ll start to be happier, but you can’t let your guard down. An encounter with someone influential will guide your steps. Exercises, sport will be of great benefit and relief to your tensions. You will realize that everything has its positive side.

Dream of keys contains special messages

ADVICE: Give yourself some time to reflect and be as objective as possible. Take a deep breath and give yourself some time to rest throughout the day.

WARNING: Be smarter than him and do not enter into his provocations. Try to take the reins of your life with more left hand and don’t get things out of hand.

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